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x2yMorph Privacy Policy

This note describes the Privacy Policy, effective September 15, 2019, for the x2yMorph app as developed by Lindquist Systems, Inc. for Apple devices including the iPhone and iPad.

The x2yMorph app accesses, after its user has touched "OK" when asked for permission, any images which the user may choose from the user's Photo Library on the device. These images are used only for the purpose of generating new (morph) images and video clips, as controlled by the user.

When the user creates (saves) a morph, the x2yMorph app stores an internal mathematical description of the morph in an internal ("sandboxed") "Morph Library" which cannot be accessed or modified except by the x2yMorph app, under the control of its user.

When the user saves a morph, the x2yMorph app also stores a series of new (morph) images, a new video clip, and a "hybrid image" in the user's photo library, and nowhere else. The "hybrid image" is visually comprised of the two original images from which the morph was generated and a third image which is a representative morph image. The hybrid image also includes binary data which allows this image, if shared with another x2yMorph user, to fully reconstruct the morph.

The x2yMorph app does no internet sharing of any data. But, if desired, a user can share any selected images and/or video clips from the device's Photo Library with others by using the standard sharing tools included with the device.